Why use Shaft Wraps™
Grooves, nicks and scratches don’t just make your clubs look shoddy, they can affect your shaft’s integrity. I take pride in taking care of my equipment and expect that it perform consistently in return. The Shaft Wraps™ is my answer to this problem. They protect my shafts from grooves, scratches and dings. They are easy to apply and replace. The added bonus of sharp looking custom graphics has made Shaft Wraps™ a lot of fun to use and I have yet to play a round without receiving numerous compliments “Wow! What kind of shaft is that?” – be ready for this!


What kind of golf shafts can Shaft Wraps™be applied to?

Shaft Wraps™ work great on all graphite and on metal shafts.


Can I order Shaft Wraps™ with my company’s logo or custom design?  
Yes, you can order as few as ten Shaft Wraps™ with your custom logo or design. (Sponsorship Recognition, Corporate Golf Outings, Golf Club Names, High School Golf Teams, Charity Organizations – Resale at charity golf events) Please Contact us for pricing and turnaround time.  (520) 293-1915 or info@shaftwraps.com


What is the length, width and thickness of the Shaft Wrap™?  
The length is 32.75”, the widest part of the Shaft Wrap is 2.0625″ (2 1/16″). The thickness of the Shaft Wraps is less than 2 Mil.
(1 Mil = 1/1,000 of an inch) Shaft Wraps™ fit most modern golf club shafts.

How does the Shaft Wrap™ affect my golf shaft?  
Shaft Wrap™ will not affect the flex or performance of your golf shaft.

Does Shaft Wraps™ comply with the USGA Rules of Golf?
Shaft Wraps™, United States Patent #549,794, offered by shaftwraps.com is permitted in competition under the USGA Rules of Golf. 

Is it easy to apply a Shaft Wraps™?
Yes, it’s a very simple process. The only tool that you will need is a pair of scissors. Viewing the step by step application video on our Home page will walk you throught the process and make it a breeze Please note that on step 1 when folding back the grip we do not recommend folding back Winn brand grips.