Easy to Apply Golf Club Shaft Wraps

Watch our installation video to see how.


Our product has a low “initial tack” which allows for easy placement and alignment. Heat will activate the adhesive. For best results apply the wrap at 70F degrees or warmer.
You may also use a blow-drier to warm up the shaft.

Why use Shaft Wraps™
Grooves, nicks and scratches don’t just make your clubs look shoddy, they can affect your shaft’s integrity. I take pride in taking care of my equipment and expect that it perform consistently in return. The Shaft Wraps™ is my answer to this problem. They protect my shafts from grooves, scratches and dings. They are easy to apply and remove. The added bonus of sharp looking custom graphics has made Shaft Wraps™ a lot of fun to use and I have yet to play a round without receiving numerous compliments “Wow! What kind of shaft is that?” – be ready for this!

Customize Your Shaft...From YouTube